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Just as the French farmers, who were striking last week, have lifted their blockades and headed home, a new wave of agricultural protests has emerged, this time in Spain. These demonstrations are a vivid reminder of the ongoing challenges within the European agricultural sector, echoing similar grievances that led to the recent unrest in France.

The Heart of the Matter in Spain

In Spain, farmers are voicing their concerns over rising costs, stringent environmental regulations, and the impact of external market pressures. Their protests, marked by road blockades and disruptions at key ports, are aimed at demanding changes to European Union farming policies. These policies, they argue, place them at a competitive disadvantage compared to their non-EU counterparts, particularly affecting the transport of vital fresh produce such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, and broccoli to markets across Europe, including the UK.

The Ripple Effect on Our Offerings and UK Supply

The protests have led to significant disruptions in the logistics of transporting Spanish fresh produce to the UK. Given the UK's heavy reliance on these imports, especially during the winter months, the unrest could potentially strain supply chains, leading to reduced availability and increased costs for retailers and consumers alike. We are proactively working to mitigate these effects, leveraging our wide network of suppliers and diverse transport routes to ensure continued delivery of high-quality produce.

In Solidarity and Support

These challenging times underscore the interconnected nature of our food systems and the importance of supporting each other—from the farmers who cultivate our food to the teams working tirelessly to bring it to our tables. We stand in solidarity with those facing hardships and are committed to navigating these turbulent times together.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. We remain dedicated to providing the best service and quality, ensuring you have access to fresh produce no matter the circumstances.

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