Graham Noble

Sunbeam Watercress

Established in 1934, Sunbeam Watercress is a family run business that grows the highest quality Watercress 52 weeks of the year in Romsey, Hampshire.


Sunbeam Watercress is grown and matured to perfection in beautiful natural chalk spring water, giving it a strong, peppery taste.  Only traditional methods are used on the farm as it is grown, cut, washed and packed all by hand.

What can you see out of the Window?

Watercress, plenty of it, passing nature and mermaids swimming up stream if I'm lucky.

Did you always want to be a farmer?

I would love to have been a pro cricketer. Deep down I knew I was always going to take the farm on, despite studying engineering at university.

What’s the biggest factor currently affecting the way you farm?

As with any crops, I would have to say the weather, it affects our water flow from the springs, the rate of growth and the quality. I am always tested to make the right decision when adverse weather conditions come in. 

What are you most worried about for farming in the future?

I believe competition from abroad will be our biggest worry for the future. We need more customers like yourself who support and believe in locally grown produce and British growers/farmers.  

Tell us a joke.

What did the cheese say to himself in the mirror??   



What's your favourite way to eat Watercress?

Its got to be Mother's Watercress soup. There is no soup that compares.

What's number one on your Bucket List?

Definitely driving Route 66 in a open top Mustang.

What’s the best part of your job as a farmer? 

I absolutely love working outside, it doesn't worry me if it is cold, wet or hot.

Tell us which three items would you take to a Desert Island? 

A Fishing rod, an iPod and a lighter.