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Supplier Spotlight: Tyrrell's Crisps

Supplier Spotlight: Tyrrell's Crisps

Tyrrell's Crisps are hard to miss in their brightly-coloured packets but the brand isn't all about fun - they've worked hard to create the satisfyingly crunchy crisps that we're o so proud to stock on Osolocal2u.

All Tyrrell's crisps begin life as lovingly-grown Herefordshire potatoes which are picked, sliced, cooked and packed at Tyrells Court Farm. Their skin is left on for extra goodness and they're cut thicker to give that extra crunch.

The cooking process itself is an art form, with all the crisps cooked in small batches before they are sent to the 'Big Spinny Thing' (Tyrrell's words!) which drives off excess oil.

Finally, they're shaken up with those delicious, all-natural seasonings which make Tyrrell's Crisps so irresistibly moreish.

What's your flavour?

Wondering how to pass the time this weekend? Why not try a grand crisp tasting of the Tyrrell's range available here on Osolocal2u, including:

Aberdeen Angus Beef Furrows
Posh Prawn Cocktail
Mature Cheddar & Chive
Lightly Salted
Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar
Sour Cream & Serenade Chilli

And a couple of extras once you've tried all those...

Veg Crisps
Sea Salted Popcorn
Sweet Popcorn

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