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Supplier Spotlight: R Green Fisheries

Supplier Spotlight: R Green Fisheries

Based less than a mile from London's famous Billingsgate Market, R. Green Fisheries supply sustainably-sourced fresh fish to restaurants across London, and now to you here on Osolocal2u.

Russell Green launched R Green Fisheries in the 1980s, having taken over a small business from a friend. He didn't have much experience in the food industry but loves a plate of fish and chips so did all he could to learn about the trade and develop the stall into a successful wholesale enterprise.

As well as classic fish and chips with a good shake of vinegar, Russell also enjoys a fresh halibut fillet, simply cooked and served with a squeeze of lemon juice, some leafy greens and buttery new potatoes - delicious!

Click here to shop our range of fresh fish from R Green Fisheries and have a go at our Scandinavian Style Trout dish, created for Osolocal2U by Liberty Fennell. Find the recipe here.

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